The Distance Between Us by Masha Hamilton cover
A foreign correspondent's facade of emotional invincibility is shattered by the death of a colleague in journalist Hamilton's sharply etched, emotionally ferocious second novel.
– Publisher'S Weekly (Starred Review)

Caddie Blair is an American journalist who has been covering the Middle East conflict for years. She knows the scent of teargas and the sound of tank fire, and has had to step over bodies to get the story. But when her lover dies beside her on the way to the next promising interview, she must reassess the violent world in which she's become immersed. She struggles to find the proper response to the killing of someone she loves. Then she meets Goronsky, himself a victim of terrorism and a believer in revenge as the moral response to evil. The Distance Between Us is the portrait of one woman's search for the narrow line between vengeance and emotional survival.